Sneaker culture has been an up and coming trend for quite a while now that most if not all Singaporean millennial’s have or had indulged in. However, some might say that culture is slowly dying and fading because of people have moved on and want to save money but I think not. I think the culture currently has just plateaued and is waiting for the next big hype to set it off. Even with or without the hype, Adidas is a giant in the shoe industry, whether it is regular sports shoes for training or the latest hype sneaker from Kanye West or Pharrell Williams, Adidas is a well-known go to shoe brand for everyone. That is why I have come up with a list of different places that you can buy your favorite sneaker from Adidas and which sells it for the best price. I will be using the Stan Smith, a classic and staple sneaker, as an example throughout the article so that you can see the comparison in prices.

Possible Places to Purchase Sneakers

1. Adidas/Adidas Original Outlet

Shops located all over Singapore. Bugis+, JEM, Vivocity are a few of the locations

Adidas outlets are the original places where the shoes can be located. They have most of your generic shoes, from track/running shoes to basketball shoes. However, there is also Adidas Originals which focus more on street style and streetwear, this is where you can find sneakers like Stan Smith. According to their website, Stan Smith’s cost $140.

2. Physical Third-Party Shops

Physical third party shops are shops that hold different brands of shoes from everywhere, from Adidas to Reebok to Vans. They basically have everything, usually they tend to carry more exclusive shoes as well that even the original sellers don’t carry. E.g Yeezy Boosts, NMDs. However, this means that they might not carry some of the more basic stocks of shoes like regular ultra boost and alpha bounce for example. You can go to the shop itself to try out the shoes and the sizes. These are some of the places, their locations and the price of a pair of Stan Smith sneakers. Some of these shops have online sites like Limited Ed that you can visit, scroll and buy their products but others like LeftFoot only have physical shops.

LeftFoot (Stan Smith, $140)
The Cathay, CiniLesiure Mall –

JDSports (Stan Smith, $140) ION Orchard –

Limited Ed (Stan Smith, $140) 313 Somerset, Marina Bay Sands –

Foot Locker ($139) Jewel Airport, JEM, Suntec City, Tampines Mall –

3. Online Shops

For online shops, there are 2 types, those that are solely focused on hype shoes and the sneaker culture and those that are a marketplace that only carry certain generic sneakers. The reason that there are both of these type of online shops is because Stan Smith sneakers are on the fine line between being apart of the sneaker culture but also being a very generic and basic shoe. So you can find Stan Smith at shops like Lazada and Qoo10 but never Yeezys or Air Jordans, authentic ones that is. Pros of online shops is that you have the convenience to look and shop for your shoes anywhere and anytime, but the downside you won’t get to try out the sizing. Below i have categorized the two types of shops as Sneaker Culture, for shops that solely focus on hype and exclusive shoes, and Marketplace, for e-commerce sites that sell the Stan Smiths.

Sneaker Culture:

Stadium Goods( Stan Smith, $99 + $31.35 Shipping = $130.35) (located in USA) –

Limited Ed (Stan Smith, $139) (located in SG) –

JDSports (Stan Smith, $140) (located in SG) –

Flight Club (Stan Smith, $124.16 + $68.98 Shipping = $193.14) (located in USA) –

Marketplace (Most of these have free delivery):

Asos ($138.95)

Qoo10 ($206)

Lazada ($180)[Currently having 64% off, $65] *Beware, a lot of the shoes here are only $52 but there is a high chance they are fake –

Zalora ($140)[Currently having discount, $125.90] –

Zilingo ($134.60)[Currently having 30% off, $94.20] –

4. Resell/Carousell

The last and final category is Resellers. There are different platforms where people are selling these shoes like Facebook groups and on Instagram but the best and most popular is on Carousell. You can find almost anything there but most of it is either second hand or marked up for profit. So for Stan Smiths, most of the shoes are below $100 but they are all second hand shoes. Some of the more “official” resellers, like Sneakers Clinic, sell shoes on his Instagram page and a pair of Stan Smiths are $140. The pros of Resell is the fact that they are cheaper as compared to all the other categories but the con is that they are probably second hand or even fake, no matter what the seller tells you because it is difficult to tell the authenticity and condition of the shoe until you physically receive it. –

Another App is StockX. Think of it as the Sneaker Culture sites but an app. It is a stock exchange that lets you know what the market price of the shoe is based on demand, it can either be very expensive or very cheap. All the shoes are guaranteed 100% authentic. You also have the ability to bid for a shoe instead of buying it at the price the sellers are selling it at, if a seller doesn’t mind taking your offer then you get to save a couple of dollars. Right now, Stan Smiths cost $60 USD = $82.78 but since we live in Singapore, the shipping is another $40 USD which makes the overall cost of the shoe $100 USD = $137.96 SGD. –

Lets Compare the Prices

Adidas OutletAdidas Original$140
3rd Party ShopsLeftFoot$140
3rd Party ShopsJD Sports$140
3rd Party ShopsLimited Ed$139
3rd Party ShopsFoot Locker$139
Online Sneaker CultureStadium Goods$130.35
Online Sneaker CultureFlight Club$193.14
Online Sneaker CultureJD Sports$140
Online Sneaker CultureLimited Ed$140
Online MarketplaceAsos$138.95
Online MarketplaceLazada$180 ($124 disc)
Online MarketplaceQoo10$206
Online MarketplaceZalora$140 ($125.90)
Online MarketplaceZilingo$134.40 ($94.20)
ResellCarousell$100 or less
ResellSneakers Clinic$140
Resell StockX$137.96

Cheapest – Bold

Best Price and Best Condition Italic and Bold


Each method/platform has its own pros and cons, for third-party shops, you get to go down and try on the sneakers to see if it fits you or if you like it but the downside is that if they have no stock, you just wasted your time and money. Similarly for online shops, you have the convenience of shopping and purchasing your sneakers at any time or place but then if you order and it comes and you realise it doesn’t fit or you don’t like the look then you just wasted money on a pair of shoes. All in all, it boils down to you because the prices for Stan Smiths don’t actually differ that much and it’s just a matter of what you prefer or value.

Personally for me, I prefer to order online from Sneaker Culture shops because not only does it save the effort and time of travelling and buying, I know that it’s 100% guaranteed to be authentic. The prices there are the most consistent as well. The best part however, is that the shoes on these sites are usually more exclusive and aren’t sold anywhere else. So if you’re following the culture and willing to spend a pretty penny, you should shop there for the most exclusive, authentic and limited sneakers.