Worry less, Enjoy More

Effortlessly in control

We set out to build Rely to give everyone the power to take back control of their spending. It’s time to stop falling prey to the debt trap, wasting your hard earned money on compounding interest and get confused over complicated financial jargons.

Our transparent payment option enables you to shop now and pay later without the implications of compounded interest, hidden fees.

We are strong advocates of responsible spending

Responsible Spending

Rely customers should only spend what they can afford to pay back. To help our customers, we take time to know them before enabling them to spend more. We harness sophisticated algorithms to determine their spending capacity and ability to repay on time.

Keeping It Simple

We will always be committed to making our products as simple as it can be so everyone can understand.

We are on the same side

Unlike typical financial business that relies on you holding on to revolving debt that accrues compound interest, Rely benefits from customers paying their orders in full and on time.